This Sergio Romo Chocolate Ice Cream Only Tastes Illegal


Three Twins Ice Cream, a company I never heard of but I think it’s on an awesome path to success, has partnered with Sergio Romo, a closer for the San Francisco Giants, to launch Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream, which will be marketed -naturally- under the only possible tagline: It Only Tastes Illegal.

While I applaud the efforts of Three Twins Ice Cream to launch a Mexican/illegal-themed thing, I would be more inclined to try a Sergio Romo’s Peyote Popsicle or even a Sergio Romo’s Mota Cone. But… chocolate and cinnamon?


Hat tip: Mi Blog es tu Blog SF correspondent: Kent German 

2 thoughts on “This Sergio Romo Chocolate Ice Cream Only Tastes Illegal

  1. Oh, ya know…..can these people ever possibly consider the “what if” scenarios???? Let’s say it were Michael Sam’s whipped cream, “and NOT from another man’s penis!” Or Jackie Robinson Watermelon Sherbert, subtitled, “I swear I din coon it!” Just….wow…..where has the self-editing function gone among our GenY Marketing MBAs?

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