Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo: Taco Bell Eatery Will Serve Mexican Car Bombs

ImageSpeaking of Mexican things that make no sense, this blog’s Gringo West Coast Correspondent just informed me that Taco Bell is testing a restaurant concept that -among other things- will be serving Mexican Car Bombs.

See? I had to learn about this by a non-Mexican person, because last time I checked, my people had no idea that a Mexican Car Bomb is simply a vanilla shake with Guinness, tequila caramel sauce and chocolate flakes.

The concoction is sure to please those already clueless enough to believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s celebration of Independence and just one more excuse to stuff themselves with made-believe Mexican fare.

So, go ahead. Visit U.S. Taco Co., get bombed and puleeeze  stay away from real Mexicans.

Click below for a quick trip to some of the silliest Cinco de Mayo gimmicks.

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