The Spanish-language version of ‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Walter Blanco. Of Course


Univision today confirmed that Metástasis, the Spanish-language adaptation of Breaking Bad will premiere Sunday, June 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Univision, UniMás and Galavision simultaneously.

Following the advice of this blogger, Univision and its partners decided to change Walter White’s name to -what else?- Walter Blanco. Unfortunately, the super awesome Jessee Pinkman will NOT become Jesús Hombre Rosado -as I had suggested- but a boring José Miguel.

I can only hope Univision will reconsider my advice of naming Saul Goodman “Saúl Buenhombre” and Crazy 8, “Loc-Ochón.” (Another idea would be to replace Goodman altogether for the lawyers over at Meta un sú.)

Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll pass on the Hispanic Breaking Bad and will instead go back binge watching on the regular Breaking Bad.

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