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Kate Spade Wants to Make Mariachis Great Again!

Mexican immigrants are not precisely popular these days –and I’m pretty sure we’ll all get deported real soon. But local mariachis are making their way to the world of high fashion, thanks in part to Kate Spade New York. The … Continue reading

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Mexican Singers, Russian Hackers, Same Difference, Says Texas Congressman Mike Conaway

In the latest episode of the political joke we’re now living, Rep. Mike Conaway from Texas just told The Dallas Morning News (apparently with a straight face) that the Democrats using Mexican singers, charros, mariachis and soap operas to lure Hispanics to the Hillary … Continue reading

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‘Better Caul Saul’ to Feature Mariachi Band Singing About Lawyers, Cojones and Avocados

Are you a fan of Better Caul Saul? If so, you’d better get ready for Yo soy Saul, a catchy mariachi tune AMC has chosen to tease the upcoming Season 2 of the Breaking Bad spin-off. Why a mariachi? Well, per Viewpoint Creative: AMC … Continue reading

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German Wins Mexico Grand Prix; Celebrates the Only Way Possible: Drinking, Donning Sombrero

Blogger’s Note: Please limit your “he-must-apologize” rhetoric within the U.S. territory  ¡Ajúa! Via: BBC Sports  

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Macy’s Spring Collection: You, Too, Can Look like a Short, Dark-Skinned Mariachi

It’s always good to see marketers learn from their past mistakes. Remember the Brown is the New White t-shirt from Macy’s? Well, no more of that. Instead of launching ethnically-relevant products to please Latino shoppers, Macy’s seems to have changed course and it’s … Continue reading

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‘Harvard Business Review’ Now Using Mariachis to Illustrate Stories about Conference Calls

I never thought I would get to file a blog post under both, the Business Journalism and the Mariachi music tags but here it goes: I have no idea why, but the editors of the presumably prestigious Harvard Business Review decided to use a photo of a (also presumably) mariachi trio … Continue reading

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Santas Trompetas! Mariachi-Clad Santas Take Over New York City

One of the many perks of living in New York City is that, no matter where you go -or what mood you’re in- you will always bump into a band of authentic mariachis wearing Santa hats. Well, maybe not always, … Continue reading

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It’s NOT the Network. It’s la Fiesta Total!

I suppose my career counselor was right when he said advertising was not for me. Otherwise, how could I possibly explain my failure to conceive a creative piece like the one above? Showing mariachis and folkloric dancers to show your … Continue reading

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