Mexican Entrepreneurship Knows No Limits — Part VII

'Las que quiera, menos todas'
‘Las que quiera, menos todas:’ Lady Empanadas

This woman not only became an Internet star overnight; she has — deservedly — become this blogger’s personal favorite Mexican ever.


INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Watch the video below. 2. Hug a Mexican. 3. Repeat. (For the monolingual crowd: scroll down for an English-language transcript of the dialogue.) Read and HUG A MEXICAN.

—  M’am, how much are the empanadas?

— 10 pesos

— Can I buy them all?

— No, I can’t do that. I just left my house

— Well, sell them all to me. I want them all

— I can’t do that. Please understand.

— I want them all. I’ll pay 12 pesos each

— They cost 10!

— But I’ll give you 12!

— No. That would cost you a lot of money. I have about 40 or 35. I can sell you some, 10 or maybe 15… As many as you want, except all of them

— OK then

— OK

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