AMLO Goes to New York City; Chairs Session at the U.N.; Hilarity Ensues

On Nov. 9, 2021 AMLO tweeted: “At the UN Security Council in New York we proposed to establish a World State of Fraternity and Welfare that guarantees the right to a decent life for 750 million people living in poverty.”

At this point, it isn’t really a surprise that the “Mexican meme machine” is so amazing at its job that it should be protected by the UNESCO –or something.

In the latest example of what “my people” have done to immortalize President Andrés Manuel López Obrador 2021 visit to New York City, I give you some of the best memes echoing AMLO’s Nov. 9 posting proposing a “World Plan for Fraternity & Welfare.” (Ay, caramba!)

This blogger is super busy trying to get unemployment benefits to dwell too much on each of these, so please just scroll down, enjoy and -please- help me add to these by commenting on this post.

Grassy ass!

What started it all:

Moses, it you?

What heroes are made of

What dreams are made of…


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