5 Mexican-Themed Gifts to Spice up Your Christmas

This maraca-wielding Santa will ‘only’ cost you $154 on Amazon.com


Have you run out of Christmas gift ideas? Are you looking for something that will show  your love for other cultures and stuff without breaking the bank? Amazon has you covered.

Amazon.com has a wealth of “multicultural Christmas stuff,” including tons of Mexican-themed Christmas ornaments, music and more. So here are my 5 FAVES, most of which go for under $25 and are most likely Made in China, with the exception of the maraca-wielding Santa, which for some strange reason will cost you a whopping $154.

1. The Westland Aye Chihuahua Guillermo Mexican Sombrero Tealight Candle Holder


2. The Sombrero-Wearing International Snowman


3. The Benelux Aluminum Mexican Flag Christmas Ornament


4. The Feliz Navidad Bossa Nova Latin CD thing


5. And – of course – The $153 maraca-wielding Santa


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