Mexicans in this Disney-Pixar Trailer Sound a lot like Spaniards

With much fanfare, Disney-Pixar on Wednesday released┬áthe first teaser trailer of Coco, an upcoming animated film about “a┬á12-year-old aspiring Mexican musician, who embarks on a magical trip in the Land of the Dead.”

While many of the┬ávoices in the English-language movie will be done by Mexicans or Mexican American actors (including Gael Garc├şa Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez and Benjamin Bratt) I┬ácouldn’t help but cringe at┬áthis other “Spanish”┬áversion I found on the Web,┬áone apparently hailing from┬áSpain, which makes all these┬áMexicans┬ásound a lot┬álike coming out of a Marisol movie.

Coco will┬áhit theaters on November 22, 2017┬áand you’ll be well advised to watch the English-language trailer┬áin this link┬áand NOT the one below.

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