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The Hispanic Star Joins Nonsensical Trend of Putting an ‘Ñ’ where it Doesn’t Belong

Remember that nonsensical trend of putting “eñes” where they don’t belong just to make something look –and sound– more authentically “Latino?” Well, it looks like salsa makers and Hispanic journalists organizations are not alone in this thing. The latest to … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders en Español: Progresivo [sic], Honesto… and the Spanish Subjunctive is a Bitch

Bernie Sanders this week launched a new campaign ad in which we hear the Senator speak some Spanish at the end. While saying “Soy Bernie Sanders y apruebo este mensaje” is not a very difficult thing to say and have him practice, Bernie’s Hispanic … Continue reading

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This ‘Abuela’ Is Very Clean, but She Could Brush up on her Spanish

In case you were womdering, it should say “aprobado,” and not “aprovado.” Continue reading

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