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This Beauty Salon in Harlem Will Work on your Eyes ‘Bronw’

Photo: Laura Martínez

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The National Pork Board Wants Hispanics to be Inspired by Pork

The national organization known as the National Pork Board this week launched a Spanish-language version of its popular Pork Be Inspired website, inexplicably called Pork te inspira. And I say “inexplicably,” because as any bilingual person will tell you, cerdo or puerco would be … Continue reading

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I Want to be Friends with Whoever Translated this Thing

After almost eight years of blogging about the wonderful world of Spanish-language media, marketing and pop culture, I’ve come across all kinds of weird, poor, lazy, bad and terrible translations from English to Spanish and viceversa. Some are plain silly, others are just hilarious. But this one … Continue reading

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Burlington Coat Factory Lures Hispanic Shoppers with Typos

I think it’s nice of retailers to include Spanish-language signage in their stores. But if they are going to go the extra mile to include accents, they would be well advised to check a dictionary. That shouldn’t be that hard, … Continue reading

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I Hope This Company Never Markets to U.S. Hispanics

…Unless it decides to change its name, of course. Hat tip: John Trainor (Chicago)

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“Cocnuts Coold”… How Can Anybody not Love Mexico?

Photo: Laura Martínez, Isla Mujeres, 2013  

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Nescafé Needs to Wake Up and Smell the Accents

If Nescafé Latino was going to be so rigorous as to put an accent over capital letters (i.e. “vacía”) it would have been well advised to do the same over “ESTE,” just not to confuse “East” with “To be.” I’m … Continue reading

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