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Come to Mexico: We’ll Put you in a Nice Hotel, and have Indians Dance Around you

The latest campaign promoting Oaxaca’s famed Guelaguetza Dance Festival trumps over any other cringeworthy images depicting my country’s relationship with its Indians. Watch as a light-skinned Mexican young lady strolls around Oaxaca (smartphone in tow) snapping pictures of affable, festive Indians dancing around her, even while … Continue reading

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Halle Berry Goes to Acapulco. Mexican Official Calls her ‘La Negrita’

What do you do when you’re a Mexican politician and forget the name of Halle Berry? Easy! Just call her “la negrita” and everybody will know what you’re talking about. Article first spotted in Reforma (NOT ElDeforma) by @tropicarlitos

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1983 vs. 2012: Watch the Evolution of the Mexican ‘Negrito’

If you have ever been to Mexico, chances are you’ve eaten or at least seen a Negrito, an ubiquitous chocolate sweet produced by Mexican food giant Grupo Bimbo and sold pretty much in every tiendita around the country. I ate one as recently … Continue reading

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ESPN Airs MLB Game in Spanish. Viewers Freak Out, Think ‘Mexican’ is a Language

ESPN on Sunday night decided to simulcast its ESPN Deportes feed of a Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico game on its flagship station. Viewers’ reaction was quick and -unsurprisingly- stupid and racist. Here’s a sample: Photo: @LatinoRebels

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O.C. High-School Asked to Drop ‘Señores & Señoritas’ Event

Oh, Man! Why do media outlets have to come and ruin the fun for everybody? Take this Anaheim Hills High-School in Orange County, whose students have been asked to drop a “Mexican-themed Day,” and exchange it for some “sensitivity training … Continue reading

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At Last! Liberman Drops ‘José Luis Sin Censura’

It was about time! After an 18-month campaign by media organizations and gay and lesbians defense leagues, Spanish-language media juggernaut Liberman this week said it will drop ‘José Luis Sin Censura,’ a show it describes as the Hispanic Jerry Springer, and which … Continue reading

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Will You Help Me -and Burro Hall- Raise Some Money to Buy BoycottAbsolute.com?

Dear friends, followers and supporters: This blogger is hereby joining forces with Burro Hall to make a bid for the “valuable assets” of the soon-to-be-doomed Americans for [sic] Legal Immigration organization, which, as we sadly learned today, is heading towards bankruptcy. Per … Continue reading

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U.S. Airports Will Be Screening Your ‘Mexicanness’

One thing I’ve always loved about Americans is their penchant for specialization. Take a special unit at Newark Airport that is becoming so adept at racial profiling that they have come to be known as the “Mexican Hunters.” According to … Continue reading

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Bigotry Leads to -What Else?- Bigotry

Via Cuernavaca 2.0. For the uninitiated or, rather, the monolingual crowd, this Mexican taxi driver wants you to know There is no service available for gringos from Arizona. Hat tip: Luis Cabrera

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Are You a Latino Travelling to Arizona? Don’t Forget to Fake a Foreign Accent Syndrome

If you belong to the ‘brown’ race and plan to travel to Arizona in the near future, make sure to fake a Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) a rare, but not uncommon condition that will make you sound as if you … Continue reading

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