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This Mexican Door Technology Will Blow your Mind

If you ever wondered how Mexicans open –and close– their bathroom doors, look no further than this. Found in several eateries around Mexico City, this technology not only works, but it is clean, homemade, cheap … and totally amazing. Photo: … Continue reading

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Yes. There is a ‘Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada’ Gadget

You guys must think I just make stuff up just to keep updating this wonderful blog and all. But no. Thanks to the ever creative minds of marketing professionals, there is always something new under the Latino-Hispanic muy caliente sun. … Continue reading

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Some Dudes Made a Drone Piñata, and I Can’t Even

So, the guys behind online store Vat 19 wanted to do something fun to celebrate the first 2 billion views on their YouTube channel. And what’s more fun than a drone piñata stuffed with cereal marshmallows? This blogger is not going to spend much … Continue reading

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Lenovo Wants you to Use your Lenovo Laptop to Prepare ‘Taco-Inflated’ Footballs

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is only the latest company to jump on the “make-believe taco” bandwagon. And what better way to do this than through a tutorial on how to make “taco-inflated footballs?” (whatever those might be.) Watch Lenovo’s tutorial in the tweet below to … Continue reading

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The ‘Trumpiñata’ App Let’s you Whack Donald Trump from the Comfort of your Mobile Device

Do you hate El Trumpo but are not into whacking an actual piñata? Worry no more. Two young developers have created a free app for iOS and Android that envisions Donald Trump as a piñata you can whack to produce candy. According to … Continue reading

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Mexican Drones are Cooler than Regular Drones –Literally

Hat tip: @borrachito

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Ruining Tacos, Now Available in 3D Printing Fashion

Some genius (i.e. Imgur user BarryAbrams) has invented a 3D doughnut cutter that basically makes it possible to 3D print a “donut taco,” whatever that means. The project, explained here in detail, allows to fill a doughnut with “taco stuff,” which … Continue reading

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