Yes. There is a ‘Cinco de Mayo Carne Asada’ Gadget


You guys must think I just make stuff up just to keep updating this wonderful blog and all. But no. Thanks to the ever creative minds of marketing professionals, there is always something new under the Latino-Hispanic muy caliente sun.

Señoras y señores: I give you the BBQ Dragon, the portable, hands-free, rechargeable gadget which –according to a presumably serious press release– will help you make “the best carne asada in town.” Why? Because Cinco de Mayo is approaching!

I’m not sure this thing was even conceived with carne asada or Cinco de mayo in mind, but who the hell cares? We are fast approaching this blogger’s favorite faux-Mexican holiday.


Lenovo Wants you to Use your Lenovo Laptop to Prepare ‘Taco-Inflated’ Footballs

'No laptops were hurt in the making of this commercial'
‘No laptops were hurt in the making of this commercial’

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is only the latest company to jump on the “make-believe taco” bandwagon. And what better way to do this than through a tutorial on how to make “taco-inflated footballs?” (whatever those might be.)

Watch Lenovo’s tutorial in the tweet below to learn how to use a Lenovo tablet to grate cheese and ultimately bake a trio of football-looking pastry things that — for some reason — the Chinese company thinks are tacos.

¡Ay, Dios mío!

The ‘Trumpiñata’ App Let’s you Whack Donald Trump from the Comfort of your Mobile Device


Do you hate El Trumpo but are not into whacking an actual piñata?

Worry no more. Two young developers have created a free app for iOS and Android that envisions Donald Trump as a piñata you can whack to produce candy.

According to this blog, the game allows you to collect coins, candy and unlockable piñata accessories and costumes. But no, it’s not just some money-making thing (yet,) but part of one of the developer’s USC Master’s Thesis.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on my way to download this thing. However, I MUST WARN YOU: I am seriously convinced that a Donald Trump piñata (digital or otherwise) cannot be full of candy; but just full of sh*t.

Hat tip: Honorary-Latin-by-marriage-white-girl Miblogestublog correspondent

Ruining Tacos, Now Available in 3D Printing Fashion

A 3D printed donut cutter was used to produce puffed deep fried taco donuts
A 3D printed donut cutter was used to produce puffed deep fried taco donuts

Some genius (i.e. Imgur user BarryAbrams) has invented a 3D doughnut cutter that basically makes it possible to 3D print a “donut taco,” whatever that means. The project, explained here in detail, allows to fill a doughnut with “taco stuff,” which is something his creator wanted to do when he was fifteen.

Per Abrams himself:

[The taco donuts] were partially dunked in queso cheese [SIC,] then some sour cream was piped on like frosting. A little guacamole, some cilantro and some sriracha to top it off.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like throwing a 3D-printed chancla to the inventor of this thing and politely demand some more taco respect.

Stay Tuned for this Blog’s Coverage of MWC15 in Barcelona

Barcelona, here I come!
Barcelona, here I come!

Barcelona might not be the place to go for a taco lover like myself, but I will do my best to bring you this — and other equally delicious — gadgets and technology trends during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Follow me on Twitter for your daily fix of Jamón – and tapas- inspired tech or, for a “slightly” more professional (albeit less funny coverage) follow me and my colleagues at [en español.]

Some Dude in Chicago Raised Money to Graph the Deliciousness of a Burrito


Have you ever felt compelled to rate the deliciousness of a burrito? I’m sure you have, so I have good news for you: Some basket case guy in Chicago set up a Kickststarter page to fund The Burrito Graph Project, whose ultimate goal is to rate the deliciousness of a Chipotle burrito and create a graph to express said deliciousness.

The genius behind this very important endeavor is Noboru Bitoy, who assures us he did not receive any support from the Chipotle chain (where the Burrito Graph Project was conducted). Instead, he successfully raised $171, which made possible the completion of the project.

All we have to do now is sit tight and wait until March, which is when the Deliciousness Burrito Graphic is expected to be posted in all its glory.


Mexican Cutting Edge Technology


Forget Google Glass, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Microsoft’s ‘smart bra’ and the like. Only in Mexico will you find baseball hats and sunglasses that double as “devices of mobile communication.”

This, my friends, is what the future looks like.

Greetings from … Mexico, land of cutting edge technology and headquarters of this blog until further notice.

This ‘App’ is so Mexican, it Spells ‘Menu’ With an ‘ñ’

On the hunt for fake Mexican food? There’s an app for that!

Some genius in the applications world has come up with the Mexican Food app, which according to its creators will teach you the ingredients of every burrito and help you navigate to nearby taquerías. Because as everybody knows, Mexican food is all about burritos and tacos.

Judging from some screenshots available (I have better things to do with my $0,99) one can tell the creators of the app went the extra mile to make sure things were properly spelled in Spanish –or at least pretend to know how to spell words in make-believe Spanish, such as “meñu.”