Arpaio Goes to Univision… and He Is Armed!

Univision this Friday hosted an unprecedented town hall on immigration, Inmigración: Un Debate Nacional featuring some of the country’s most prominent figures on immigration law and public policy, representatives of Hispanic organizations and -who else? Maricopa County Sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio, who couldn’t resist showing up wearing a gun-shaped tie pin.

Unless he was at the Univision Studios auditioning for the upcoming Hermanos Almada movie, I would start thinking this guy is dangerous… Oh, wait, he IS dangerous!

¡Ay, nanita!

3 thoughts on “Arpaio Goes to Univision… and He Is Armed!

  1. I saw the debate and thought it was a calamity. Jorge Ramos is such an in-the-middle-of-the-road type of guy that he was overwhelmed by the far right and other bigots in the audience. Maria Elena did a MUCH better work, although there was something in the whole setting of the “event” that wasn’t right.
    Arpaio and the pro-SB1070 crowd definitely “won” this discussion, and Univision anchors let them get away with it.
    for the record: i’m a Democrat, but think Luis Gutierrez doesn’t represent the views of most pro-immigration reform Democrats

  2. Here’s the Arizona SHeriff Joe Arpaio and posse in action.
    Give a toy to a little kid to shut em up when they take away thier mother for a traffic warrant.
    Real humanitarians in Arizona.
    Boycott Arizona!

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