How to Make ‘Albondígas’ con Chopote [i.e. Chipotle]

I do not know where I had been hiding, but I cannot believe I didn’t know anything about the Hispanic Food Network. Until now.

Watch Mike Gonzalez here tell you how “albondígas con chopote” [sic] are very close to our Mexican hearts and other culturally-relevant wonders.

The Mexican music in the background is PRICELESS. I hope you people would appreciate it as much as I did.


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4 Responses to How to Make ‘Albondígas’ con Chopote [i.e. Chipotle]

  1. ‘They love those meatballs in Mexico.’ You sure he didn’t mean ‘Albondígas en Chapapote’. Sounds like that was what he was trying to say.

  2. La musica, las “albon…digas”, el super cazo, creo que en este caso, el “mexican bbq sauce” esta como para que lo pongan de chef en Taco Bell…

  3. Right on! I think what M. Gonzalez meant was ‘albondígas con chapopote en Mexican bibiquiú’

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