Quick! Someone Tell Fresh&Co this is NOT what Poblano Food Looks Like

This photo has been shamelessly stolen from my friend’s FB wall

If you happen to walk around New York City these days, you’ll likely find huge signs advertising the latest “vegan” creation from Fresh&Co.: The Puebla Vegan Grilled Cheese, a “black bean & corn salad, smashed avocado, vegan cheese sandwich on sourdough bread.”

And while it’s tempting to think you’ll be enjoying a delicious, healthy meal from the state of Puebla –which is actually ground zero for amazing Mexican food– well, you wouldn’t.

I’m sorry to disappoint y’all, but this is what food from Puebla actually looks like:



One thought on “Quick! Someone Tell Fresh&Co this is NOT what Poblano Food Looks Like

  1. It’s an example of acculturation for non-Hispanics as they are becoming familiar with and adapting to our Latino “flavor”… Acculturation was always attributed to Latinos. That’s old school Hispanic marketing jargon. Now acculturation flows both ways. New Mainstream!

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