This is What I Call ‘Product Dis-Placement’: Mr. Chevy Chase Does Not Seem to Like My Book

Ok, Ok, I might not be a fan of NBC’s Community (in fact, I never watched it before today.) But in a recent episode the character portrayed by Mr. Chevy Chase was featured falling asleep, bored out of his mind after apparently having read this blogger’s opera prima.

I mean… I am no Marcel Proust, but come on, Mr. Chase!… Why the mala onda? Couldn’t NBC pick on someone else? Or, as my mom used to say, ¡Póngase con uno de su tamaño!

[Anyhow, gracias, pinche Chevy Chase, for the anti-endorsement.] 

7 thoughts on “This is What I Call ‘Product Dis-Placement’: Mr. Chevy Chase Does Not Seem to Like My Book

  1. El problema es que sólo Spanish estaba en letras grandes… pasó de leer “talk dirty”.
    Oye, en serio, esto es genial.
    Será una de las escenas en tu “E True Hollywood story”, je je

  2. BRAVO!!!!!!! You should be very happy! Of all the books out there that are supposed to teach Spanish, they picked YOURS to showcase in the show!!! I am very proud. I have seen the show: they have a Spanish lesson and none of them are good in it- not even the teacher who is very funny: Señor Chang.

  3. Oye está increíble… lo que sí te digo es que debieron haber solicitado permiso para mostrar tu libro en la peli, una autorización de la autora o mínimo de la editorial. Demándalos por que además dañan la imagen de la obra… sácales un baro por pasados de lanza.
    He dicho.

  4. Ni esta dormido, ni estaba aburrido…. simplemente estaba concentrado aprendiendo how to talk dirty in spanish?…

    Tu sabes, requiere de cierto nivel de concentración para decir exactamente lo que uno desea, de la forma que uno quiere y con la PRONUNCIACION adecuada…

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