2 thoughts on “And in Our Darkest Hours, Mexican Humor Came to the Rescue

  1. we misuse lol. but this literally gave me about 5, and still some tremors, which i guess makes it a sincere lmao. the resilient humor of mexico will go over, under and around any dumbshit wall. we gotta try to work together, but i got my middle finger/señal del mocos ready por si quieren vernos la cara. very nice. PEACE

  2. Here’s a potential Mexican Meme. Look up the movie “Dangerous Intentions” with Donna Mills. What you will find here is the typical weak white person’s response to domestic violence. Yes, in this movie you find a woman being beaten by her psycho white man husband. At some point, he’s arrested. And at some point the white woman gets protection from witness protection program when she wants to press charges against her pyscho white man husband. Then, right before she’s about to go into witness protection, we see her white sister come in all teary eyed that her abused sister is going into witness protection. That’s where the Mexican meme comes, in. Puta, are you serious? Your husband beat your ass and now we gotta not see you for 20 years cuz this puto is a threat to you///oh heck no maricon! we gonna beat this man’s culo til he bleed and ask that he go into witness protection. we aint’ waiting around for you and your kids to get outta witness protection, damn this is a white person problem straight up.

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