Marketing Ideas to Spice Up your ‘Cinco de Mayo’ ūüĆ∂

No Mexican friends? No problem! Get yourself a few Insta-Mexicans!

Cinco de Mayo is definitely¬†my favorite faux Mexican holiday in the U.S. And not because¬†it’s an excuse to drink all day long and scream¬†¬°Viva M√©xico! while thinking it’s our celebration of Independence, but because it brings out the stupidest best marketing gimmicks to sell everything, from spicy tattoos and sneakers for the three-legged, to senseless drink mixes,¬†“ethnic” food and even cardboard Mexicans!

Below, you’ll find a¬†few of my favorite marketing efforts around this mostly-gringo holiday.

Enjoy … and ¬°Que viva M√©xico, cabrones!

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5 thoughts on “Marketing Ideas to Spice Up your ‘Cinco de Mayo’ ūüĆ∂

  1. Laura, I’ve been following your Blog for about 3 years now, just want you to know your doing a great job. I’ve passed your site onto others here in Vancouver Canada. Keep it up.

  2. In the tri-color dip, I want to know exactly what the frijoles negros are doing. Is it a man buggering livestock? Is it a young pre-teen holding up her baby sibling to fellate the man? The image is as disturbing as the London Olympics logo with Lisa giving Bart a blowie. And very possibly inspiring a distorted image of the country. In La Sierra Gorda, for example, I have never witnessed zoophily, nor children holding up their younger siblings to blow people. Then again, maybe it’s a metaphor for Pena Nieto and his relationship with Exxon-Mobil. More research is indicated.

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