One thought on “Mexico Is Magical: Change my Mind

  1. Mexico is magical. I’ve lived here for four years. I ate carnitas this morning from a cart in a locals area of Puerto Vallarta. Of course, it is not just the carnitas, but the birria and the seafood carts, too. The country is indeed magic. So are the people. The food – especially for the expat or tourist willing to seek out the real authentic deal is over the top! Even before we moved here we felt most of the world did not appreciate or understand the depth, breadth and potential of Mexican cuisine. We are so fortunate to get to experience it firsthand.

    However, I can’t deny that the corruption of the government, the police, the judiciary and the impact this has had on my life is making it difficult to stay. I hope this changes. The magic has worn thin. I now see how corruption and criminality starts in the government – at every level, extends into the police and judiciary. On some level I now see the cartels are an extension of it and vice-versa. Note, I’m not even talking about general crime, something that is its own problem, just not the point I am trying to make. (In fact, I have always felt safe in every city or corner of the country I have visited.)

    The complete infection of corruption and stealing by those in charge here in Mexico actually highlighted for me how corruption is actually quite prevalent back in the U.S. More than I realized when I left the states. However, I have concluded that in the U.S. most corruption, if it continues, eventually gets on the radar of the authorities. Maybe with a delay, but eventually the authorities catch up with the corrupt. Then the judiciary can be almost certainly relied upon to put the criminals away. In short, the criminals eventually lose and the honest people win out. Just because the U.S. has rule of law doesn’t mean it doesn’t have many other problems. However, it turns out rule of law is a really nice thing when stuff goes belly up and you need the authorities on your side.

    In Mexico, I believe this equation is flipped. Eventually the criminals always win – again, not just the cartels or one- off criminals, though this apply to them, too. I am talking about the system. The system is itself criminal and designed to steal or syphon from the population in all and every manner… basically anything the crooks in charge can conceive of. Why? Because they know that almost none of them will every be caught. Of the precious few that are caught, they know they will likely get off. In short, the criminals and the corrupt always eventually win. This leaves many an average person forced to be participate in the corruption in order to make their way in life and take care of their family.

    Mexico is filled with wonderful, wonderful people. They are not the ones in charge. The ones in charge put this magic at risk. Central America is already lost. I hope the same does not become of Mexico.

    You stated that Mexico is Magical and asked for readers to “Change my Mind”. Since you caught me on a day this is weighing on me I decided to respond. Yes, Mexico is Magical. I don’t want to change your mind. However, the dark side, and the downsides are real, too. While I can no better explain the Magic of street tacos to the average American –it’s just not possible without eating it day in and day out. I also can’t explain the insidious ways the absence of rule of law weighs on this country its people and holds it back. Americans have no yardstick to even measure how hopelessly corrupt things are here.

    You asked. I responded. However, please feel free to delete this. I won’t be offended.

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