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How I Learned to Loath Mexican Wine

After the three-day food and wine smogasbord a.k.a. Thanksgiving, we were too broke to keep spending precious dollars in fine Bordeaux and Burgundy so decided to finish the weekend supporting the patria with this 2005 Jubileo Meritage, from the wine-rich … Continue reading

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An Immigrant-Themed Thanksgiving

To celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving, some 150 Hispanics in Morristown, N.J. are getting together to cook. But instead of the traditional stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce, they are cooking up something much more interesting: an immigrant-themed full menu. … Continue reading

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Forget Spanglish! The New Wave is the ‘Japoñol’

I love, love these guys. Peruvian reggaetón trio Los Kalibre is making the Japanese shake their butts with catchy songs and lyrics mixing Spanish and Japanese in what the media is already calling Japoñol. The Peru-born recent Japan immigrants are … Continue reading

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Texas Man Seeks Faithful Latina. Reward: $5 Million

How much would you offer a Colombian young, beautiful woman in exchange for fidelity? Well, a 76-year-old Texan man is putting down $5 million on the table for “a young woman, with three or more small children, if she is … Continue reading

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Mexican-Speaking Mexicans Not Wanted Here

Apparently, some Mexicans around Seattle’s Lewis County are really pissed at the above sign, property of a fellow called Mike Hamilton, who has used this very billboard to make all kinds of statements in the past. The sign, which is … Continue reading

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Making Martínez a Chart Topper

Little did people notice a recent New York Times story showing that 2 Hispanic surnames are now, and for the first time, among the top 10 most common names in the nation: Smith remains the most common surname in the … Continue reading

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Why I Love Mexico (Part II)

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