The ‘Spanish Feminist T-shirt’ Fails to Speak Proper Spanish


Human, an online retailer that “believes that every printed object can be a mechanism to declare identity and belonging,” would be well advised to double check their Spanish copy before plastering whatever on their t-shirts, mugs and other accessories.

Take the Spanish Feminist T-shirt, which features nonsensical Spanish copy which — I assume — is an attempt to translate the phrase: This is what a feminist looks like.

Seriously, guys? I mean, even Google Translate does a better job with simple phrases like that.

(Don’t know how to say it properly? Well, HIRE A TRANSLATOR!)

Hat tip: @conz

2 thoughts on “The ‘Spanish Feminist T-shirt’ Fails to Speak Proper Spanish

  1. I just happened upon the same shirt and puked. I run a TShirt biz and we will be featuring our first Spanish language feminist quote and we worked super hard to make sure it’s accurate.

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