You Guys! It’s National Menudo Month in America


Marketers are one restless bunch.

Not content with giving us National  Taco *and* Vodka Day, National Guacamole Day, Cinco de Mayo and all those wonderful faux culinary celebrations, a California brand of canned “Mexican food” informs me we’re in the midst of National Menudo Month.

Per Juanita’s Food:

Turns out there is so much to celebrate, that the brand in question is launching a national competition to find the BEST MENUDO RECIPE — and to crown the King/Queen of Menudo in two states!

According to the rules of this solemn competition, participants are being asked to bring their homemade menudo to one of the 6 regional menudo tasting events in Texas and California.

The homemade menudo winner in each city will get a $1,000 prize, which should be enough to buy the new iPhone X (without a protective case, that is) –or dozens of Juanita’s Food spicy canned menudo on

So, now you know.

Enjoy National Menudo Month while I go hang myself.

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