Move Over, Cronut… Here Comes the Tacro, a Croissant-Taco Mashup

The latest croissant food mashup is “only” $12 apiece! Yes, I said dollars…

Not content with giving us the cronut and the biscuit taco, America is at it again, this time with the “Tacro,” a mashup of a –yes, you guessed it– taco and a croissant that apparently is already selling like hot-cakes. The pastry (which is exactly what it sounds like) regularly sells out at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse just north of the Tenderloin.

According to the always relevant,  the tacro costs $12 and can be found at Vive La Tarte, a San Francisco eatery which has been experimenting with “unique croissant flavors” like blood orange and lemon meringue.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Every day we stray further from the truth.

Hat tip: @BetoGuero

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