America’s Obsession with Avocados from Mexico Reaches New Heights in Super Bowl Ad

There are no chips in Utopia

Avocados from Mexico is back on the Super Bowl advertising game with #GuacWorld, its latest TV commercial that is scheduled to make its official debut Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 during the Big Game in Minneapolis.

The spot imagines a domed paradise called GuacWorld, where everything is perfect, with serene music, free massages, wellness gurus  —and all the guacamole you can eat. But there’s one problem: The chips are outside… OUTSIDE! so everyone freaks out and mayhem ensues.

Luckily, a breakthrough revelation happens: Avocados and guacamole can be used in  hamburgers, salads, sliders and, of course, toast…

The spot is not nearly as adorable as that of 2015 (remember the polar bear clad in mariachi gear voting for Mexico?) but it does a good job highlighting the ridiculousness of what the human race has become –in light of the avocado craze. WATCH.

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