Mexico Creates ‘Tequila Cloud’ to Attract German Tourists. Yep.

This cloud rains tequila, so that more Germans can visit Mexico (or something)

I’m way too busy this week with so-called “real work,” but I¬†just needed to let everybody know¬†that the Mexican government has launched a¬†new tourism campaign that involves a cloud that rains not water but … tequila.

S√≠, se√Īor.¬†The campaign — crafted¬†by Lapiz and first demonstrated at a special art exhibit in Berlin — used “ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist.” This mist is then¬†condensed into liquid form, which falls¬†as raindrops and basically means you can get your caballito¬†ready, put it under the cloud and drink like there is no ma√Īana. ¬°Prost!

The reason behind all this, says the Mexican government, is simple: To tempt rain-soaked Germans to visit sunny Mexico in the dead of winter.

Go figure.

Via: LeoBurnett

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