Trump’s White House Tweets in what it Thinks is the Spanish Language

¡Sorpresa! The White House’s Spanish Twitter account sucks

It’s been over five months since the tragic day President Donald Trump took over the White House, and yet it seems determined to keep ignoring Spanish speakers. Or at least that’s what one can surmise after reading the tweets coming out of @LaCasaBlanca, the White House’s Spanish twitter account, which is a mix of bad Spanish with even worse Spanglish.

The above annotations (by the editors of The Associated Press) are only a small fraction of the horror that this thing is, not to mention that many tweets were actually sent out in English, because why bother?

The @LaCasaBlanca Twitter handle was restored in February after having disappeared following Trump’s inauguration. The Spanish-language Twitter account that was active during the Obama years has moved to @LaCasaBlanca44 and is currently managed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA.)

Via: CNET en Español

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