This Coffee Shop Will Be Making ‘Margarita Doughnuts’ on Cinco de Mayo… Because Cinco de Mayo


It’s a full seven days before May 5th, but the marketing nonsense around the American festivity known as Cinco de Mayo is in full swing.

Take Kane’s Donuts, an “iconic Massachusetts doughnut shop,” which has sent out a press release (yes, a press release!) to tout its latest delicious concoction: a boozy-inspired, margarita flavored, green-glazed doughnut.

Fortunately, this thing will be available for a “limited time only” and this blogger hopes it will be limited to residents of Massachusetts.

This doesn’t make any sense, you know?

6 thoughts on “This Coffee Shop Will Be Making ‘Margarita Doughnuts’ on Cinco de Mayo… Because Cinco de Mayo

  1. I dunnno, man, I fail to see the pandering in this instance. It just looks silly and festive, and if it’s got a real key lime tang to it, it might almost be a guilty pleasure. I bought my daughter a donut making thingamajig recently — I could see us trying to replicate this on Saturday morning! I vote si. I’ll even add an andale andale arriba.

      1. Well now I’m beginning to doubt that you’re actually Mexican. Mexicans add lime to EVERYTHING. You can’t find a Dorito, a Taki, a Cacahuete Japonesa, a potato chip, that isn’t flavored with lime. And I’m quite serious, I have searched HGH and LOW for mayonnaise that isn’t infused with lime, and it simply DOES NOT EXIST. I make my own now, with an immersion blender.

        So the notion of a lime-glazed donut makes more sense in Mexico than anywhere else on the planet! I mean, the store is in Boston, agreed, but the spirit could not be more Mexican!

      2. I beg to differ, Míster. While it’s true we’ll put lime (or limón) on pretty much everything… Margarita-glazed donas just don’t make any sense. Cacahuates japoneses con chile y limón do, on the other hand. 🙂

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