‘Latinas for Trump’ Want to Trade their President for Trump –or Something

I think they meant to say 'para' not 'por,' unless.....

I think you wanted to say ‘para’ not ‘por’

Yes, there is a group called Latinas for Trump and, yes, they like to look red hot and seriously think America can be made great again. OK, that’s great, but, as the group readies an important gathering in –where else? — South Florida, they will be well-advised to proofread their Spanish-language messages.

Last time I checked, the Spanish translation of Trump for President was “Trump para presidente,” and not “por.” But perhaps as my smart pants Twitter buddy Colin Docherty says, they might just want to trade their president for Trump. For some reason.

Who knows?

Photos: via @foxnewslatino

Photos: via @foxnewslatino


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1 Response to ‘Latinas for Trump’ Want to Trade their President for Trump –or Something

  1. MarceloSalup says:

    1. That looks like the Presidente Beer logo. If Presidente Beer –my favorite beer in the world– endorses teflon trump, I will never drink it again.

    2. You’ve got to be a totally dumb bimbo to be female, Latina and be for teflon don

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