Is this Mexican Taquería Peddling Vegan Tacos or Guacamole with no Green Peas? ðŸ¤”

Taco Inn, one of Mexico City’s many ubiquitous taquerías, has jumped on the vegan bandwagon with what looks to be meat-looking meatless tacos.

A promo image posted recently by a Twitter user looks to promote a set of vegan tacos for $99 pesos with the legend: sINN chIcharoNN  (obviously playing with the taquería’s name (Inn) to spell out the phrase without pork skin (sin chicharrón.)

However, on closer inspection and by missing an “r” on the word “chicharrón” it looks as if Taco Inn is saying their guacamole has no chícharos (green peas,) which is making this blogger scratch her head in confusion:

Has the failing New York Times gone too far with this hideous thing?

Hat tip: @EdgarNunezM


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